Sunday, October 10, 2010

Please come back..

슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!

Good afternoon guys! How's life?

Don't ask me.. I've been hating my life.. Since yesterday.. --_--..

I've lost my voice.. Waaa!! It's the silliest thing that could happened to me. I can't talk,I can't sing, and worst, I can't laugh! It's too stressful when I can't do things that I love to do.. Huhu, I really need my voice back and I need it fast,before 12th October. I had speaking test that day. and if my voice didn't come back before that day, I'm totally doomed!

Miss,can I do writing instead.. I lost my voice...

Message to Miss Voice.
Why do you do this to me voice?
I love you so much but why did you leave me?
My life have been so lonely since you left.
It feels weird without you voice,
Please come back..
I missed you...

Love, Fyda

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