Sunday, October 10, 2010


슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!

Salam and good afternoon!

First semester of matriculation program will end soon.. After the final exam this 18th..

THIS 18th!!!! OMK(Oh My Kibum!). Its just aound the corner! If form 5 students is worrying about their SPM,matriculation students is worrying about their PSM and MUET. Everyone is worried and stressed. Including me of course..

Well, if I screwed up the exam, and get bad CGPA results, I might get kicked out of matric. And I really don't want that to happened. because I'm starting to love SeMaC and people here. Plus, I don't want to dissappoint my parents. They done so much things for me. And I do't want to see their sad face if I got kicked. I've dissappoint them too much before.. Its time for them to smile and be proud to have me as their daughter.. Hehe

Thinking about this upcoming final exam makes me shiver.. Scared,stressed.. And it kills my mood to study, because nothing sticks on my brain.. but when I think about semester break,terus rasa semangat! Yeah,cuti,cuti,cuti! Can't wait to go home! Missed my home,my family,my cats! And what makes me happier,my dad is going to fetch me up. I'm not going home by bus this time! Hehe..

So,cepat-cepatlah berlalu PSPM! Cik Fyda can't wait to go home! And starting new semester! I want to learn ICT!!

Love, Fyda

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