Friday, April 16, 2010

Fyda's Blog 100416 -Stories about guy

Aigoo, its my third post for today.. Yeah, that's me. When I'm obsessed with blogging I post lost of entry on my blog. but if I'm lazy, I'll just leave my blog all alone. Hehe.

This post will be a bit fun. For girls especially. Its my opinion about the almost perfect guy in Korean dramas but sadly, they have some few silly weakness. I picked two flower boy from two different TOP korean dramas as The almost-perfect-guy who has few silly weakness.

The first almost-perfect-guy is Mr. Goo Jun Pyo *I know his name is Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flower drama.

What so perfect about him?
1. A very good looking *no doubt!
2. He's rich!
3. He is the only heiress of Shinhwa group that owns almost EVERYTHING.
4. He has 3 Hot friends -Ji Hoo, Yi Joong and Woo Bin- *drools!
5. He has this pretty curly hair!
6. He will do everything for his love. *Sweet!
7. He'll make anyone do whatever he want.
8. He's rich! *did I say it twice?

Duh! What else do you ask for a man? He got almost everything! Who doesnt want him? But aside of all perfection he also has weakness...

His weakness is:

1. He's afraid of bugs!
2. He never get the idioms right! *CUTE
4. He doesnt know the difference between 'pride' and 'privacy'.
5. He freak out when it comes to kids.
6. He is so suspicious! Poor Jan Di!
7. He doesnt know how to swim because of bad experience. *but he learned how to swim just for Jan Di ^^

You dont fear anything in the world, but you're so scared of bugs, you shake. You the idiots who rather his ribs all bust apart than see one finger on his woman hurt.You're the idiots who doesnt know the difference between 'privacy' and 'pride'. Who insists that the 38th parallel(??) are train tracks. You freak out when it comes to kids, but you want to be a father. Who will go out and look at stars with his son. You're a lonely but loving guy. That's what you are Goo Jun Pyo.. -Geum Jan Di

End of part one! Please wait patiently for part two.. I'm too tired of typing!
Currently downloading Attack On The Pin Up Boys movie. Super Junior is so hilarious in that movie! Especially Kibum. Yah! Why did you throw your s**t to people? Aigoo, bad hubby! Thanks to the owner of Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin blog for the download link!

Love, Fyda

슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!

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nickzdagreat said...

cute guy afraid with bugs.. mmm... quite same with me... hahah just kiding.. im not cute though.. hahah