Friday, April 16, 2010

Fyda's Blog 100416 Diary

Annyeong yorobun!

I have a bad news here.. I'm not qualified to further study in matriculation! I'm so sad! I really want to be one of the students there. Now, it all broken into pieces!

But I'm not losing hope or frustrated. I try to think positive. *Mungkin ada hikmah yang tersembunyi. My ambition to be physiotherapist isn't dead yet!! And by the way, people says that matriculation is hard. It is possible for a not-to-clever-student like me to survive in matriculation *Der,matrik susah gila der.. but I already send an appeal *rayuan! to the matriculation department. At least I tried right?

So now, I'm waiting for UPU *Diploma in phisiotherapy!, KPLSPM *teacher-to-be(??) and SPA8. See, there's no need for me to be dissappointed, regret or whatever. I still have chance to further study!

Congratulations to my dearest Mimi and Fifi who was qualified to be matriculation students! Chukahae!! Waiting for my other three girls. Didnt hear any news from them...

Love, Fyda

슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!

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