Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fyda's Blog 100415 Diary

Annyeong yorobeun! Chal ji ne? This post gonna be a loooong post!

I'm a bit busy lately. That's why my previous post is a bit BORING. I'm busy in! Collecting post. keke.

Recently I join the SHINee Forum International (Thanks to Fika for the links) and I found something that catched my eyes. Its about Ulzzang! At first I dont really know the concept of ulzzang until I read it on the Ulzzang thread at SFI.

So, what is ulzzang?

Ulzzang is the korean term for 'best face'. The ulzzang are not celebrities! Repeat they're not celebrities! Repeat.. okay stop! they're just pretty people that get famous ONLINE because of their pictures ! Dang, ulzzang are so gifted!! They have such a pretty faces!

So here's some ulzzang pictures that I found in the thread.

Girl Ulzzang

^Park Bo Ram^-she's so pretty!-


^Lee Do Hyeong^ -My fav!-

^Han gook^

Okay. That's all for now! I'm gonna search for more ulzzang after this. And you guys out there, if you have any cute pictures of ulzzang, do share it with me. I'm very new in this.


ryo maknae said...

hmmm...most of the ullzzang acually is a model...
hahaha!! byk sgt gambar dowang smpi x muat pc~~~

azri % raqib said...

sapa nma pompuan tuh?