Friday, April 30, 2010

[100429] MY E.L.F Support For Super Junior

Oh yeah! E.L.F is anticipating! Waiting patiently for Super Junior comeback and their 4th album this May. Rumor said they will doing comeback around 7 May(??).. Here is some effort or ELF support to Super Junior
I just copy and paste this from this blog.


This is a last-minute project and done individually without any fanclub support + fund, so I hope everyone would support this mini project Malaysian ELF made for Super Junior 4th album. :D

So this is what we gonna do.

1. Stick up posters (self-printed A4 paper,etc) in public places. But make sure you got the permission first just in case you got warned later.

2. Online promotion by putting banners/images in your blog,Facebook,Twitter,etc. This online support project is also done by

When? They were unconfirmed news from some fansite that 4jib MV teaser will be released on 4th May, so this project has to be done before that date.

NOTICE: PLEASE READ! By agreeing to join this it also means you're using E.L.F. name in the public. Your action might affect Super Junior image to all Malaysia citizens. So you MUST agree to do the following:
- Ask for the place owner permission before pasting/sticking/distributing the poster/flyers in their place.
- Take care of the environment and don't throw rubbish/posters/flyers freely.
- Show good attitude and manner because you are representing E.L.F. as a whole.
- Paste/stick it in a proper/suitable/appropriate place. Do not paste or stick it near/in/on a trash bin or somewhere that you would find dirty. Love the poster as much as you love Super Junior.

If you want to join, you can post your information at this blog
I don't think I can join them..
Well, I just stick it on my bedroom wall.. At least I show support right?

Love, Fyda 슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!