Monday, August 22, 2011

For A Short While Goodbye, Kim Heechul

슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!

It's confirmed.. Our Cindie Heenim, Our Prince from Mars, Kim Heechul is going to be enlisted in military this 1st September. It's just too soon for you to leave us Hee.
But still, we will cheering on you ALL the way!

This feeling, it's the same when Kangin leave almost a year ago. But still, missing Heenim in Super Junior will be a bigger burden for us. As we know, Heenim have plenty fractures from the accident he experienced 5 years ago. Plus, he's our Princess who hate to be sweaty and smelly and bald. I just can't imagine how sad Heenim will be when he needs to shave his lovely hair! =_=''

I will miss you badly Hee.
Miss your smile, your laugh, your craziness, your clumsiness, your silliness, your epicness, and your tweets!

I'm proud of you Heenim.
So.. Let's meet again in 2 years.
I wonder, how will your comeback be?

So Long Farewell to You Kim Heechul.
Goodbye for Now Until We Meet Again.

P/S: Waiting for Angel Teukie's enlistment. T_T..

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