Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kyuhyunnie Seangil!!

슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!

Kyu ah, mianhae, jeongmal mianhaeyo! Noonim forgot your birthday.
난 이미 나쁜 누님, 규아..
Uwaa! I went on holiday with my family and accidently forgot your birthday. I'm sorry Kyu ah!!
I'm a very bad sister-in-law. Even Bumbum hubby didn't tell me about your birthday. Bad bad hyung.. Kyu ah, punish me!

Because of my guilty feelings, forgetting my one and only lil brother-in-law birthday, noonim presents this post only for you Kyu, only for my KYU!!

Mini Kyuhyun! =D

Aigoo, little Kyu!
Neomu neomu neomu kwiyeopta!!

Before debut Kyuhyun. =))

Oori Kyuhyunnie is already an ulzzang before his debut!

Forever Magnae Kyuhyunnie!

=P, KyuHae.
Mianhae Hyukkie ah..

Seangil chukhahae oori magnae!
Noonim really hopes that you will forgive me. -__-..
Tsk, tsk..

Kyu ah, may you live your life the fullest!
Never gives up on anything you do!
Take care of your health, and stay healthy!
Always believe in us, people who loves you,
Your hyungs, sister-in-laws, your wives and of course ELF will always be by your side, forever!
You know you can count on us!

Kyu ah, saranghae!
규현아, 사랑해!

Love, Fyda

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