Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I got a feeling!

슈퍼주니어,난너없이 못살아!!

Salam muhibbah, salam perpaduan kepada semua.. Maka dengan ini saya berkempen undilah saya!

Ehem.. Saja buat permulaan yang agak epic. Muahaha!

It's been a week since second semester started.. I sighed a lot these days,lots of homework to do, packed schedule, strict lecturers.. But it seems like this semester is going to be more happening than the first one.. Well, I hope it will last till the end of semester.. Exam result is coming out, just around the corner.. Heard lots of rumor regarding it. Some said almost 150 people will get ditched. Not really going to believe it though,rumors, kan.

Ohh.. Keputusan ambilan pelajar baru UiTM sesi Disember dah keluar. And guess what.. Aku di terima! I'm excited, and confius in the same time. Whether go or stay here in matrics.

Its like back-up plans you know. If I'm ditched/ditendang out of matrics, then I'll go to UiTM. If not I'll just stay here in matrics. It's a though decision(its harder than shopping.LOL) Because, I love computer a LOT! But I also love my matrics, my friends, my roomate, my classmates, my soulmates, my lecturer and its kind of hard for me to leave SeMaC.. -__-... Allah, help me..

About the exam results, my maths lecturer said that it's coming out this 26th. And some says around this week.. I hope I'm not in the 150 students.. Plus, I also heard a rumor about.......... well, it's kind of secret.. Not gonna tell it here.. LOL!

Ahh! Exciting stories! SeMaC already have bicycles! but don't have chance to ride it yet, plus the bike look fragile and I have thought I might've broke or just flatten it tyres.. LOL!!

I gotta feeling, that tomorrow is Hari Raya Kurban.. Well, in fact it is tomorrow! And I also gotta feeling that I'm going to celebrate my 18th birthday here in SeMaC.. ^^

p:s/ I sound more serious when I type my post in English.. --"

Noe hora mite mite
Kage ga kasanatta..

I'm crazy for Kazunari Ninomiya!!

Kibum: Buin ahhhh!!!!!!!!
Love, Fyda

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